Imaginative, Literacy-Based Atmosphere with a Wide Range of Enriching Activities Allowing Your Child to Explore and Grow at Their Own Pace.

Why Choose BEACON?

See What Parents and Teachers are Saying
I'm a local teacher at a public school, and I can tell almost immediately when a student from BEACON begins class with me.

There is a definitive difference in preparedness and a confidence their students exhibit.

Teacher Hurfville Elementary School

I'm a first time mother and looking for daycare was a very scary for me, I was afraid that my child would not be cared for correctly. I was referred to Beacon by a family friend and I must say I have been highly satisfied with the school.

Mommy M

My grandson attended Beacon for three years. Every day the first thing he would ask is "Do I have school today?" He loved going and my daughter loved taking him. She was able to accomplish whatever needed to be done without ever worrying.

Jill N

Beacon Academy in Sewell, NJ is a blessing to my daughter! She has been there since she was about 9 months old and blossomed into a happy, healthy, socialized, well-adjusted child of 4 years old. Now in the pre-school class, she can read...let me say that again: SHE CAN READ AT 4 YEARS OLD! All the teachers have been wonderful, of course I have my favorites! And the Director Joan is so dedicated to the children. I find her to be generous and loving to my daughter. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BEACON ACADEMY FOR YOUR CHILD'S GROWTH!

Dina A.

My daughter attends Beacon Acadamy and is 3 years old. I'm amazed that she's been taught more than my neighbors daughter who is in kindergarten. She's been taught her phone #, home address, the alphabet, she knows the months in order, can write her name, etc. We get loads of feedback on her paperwork. Her teacher is always singing and laughing with the kids. She loves school and her classmates. Overall it has been a great experience. Her teacher last year and this year are both great people. Kudos.

Joe S.

My son has been attending Beacon Academy since September, 2005. I have been completely satisfied with the care he has received from the beginning. My son has learned not only how to share and to be kind to his friends but he has also learned how to read, write and do math! That is amazing to me considering his older siblings did not learn these skills until the first grade! My hat goes off to all of Beacon's top notch teachers. My family loves all of you!

Shawn M.

Children That Attend Pre-School

  • 67%

    More likely to be ready for school at age 5

  • 61%

    More likely to be committed to school at age 14

  • 77%

    More likely to complete their high school education

Our Programs


Beacon Academy’s infant program offers first-rate care for your child by an experienced staff willing to cater to your child’s needs and abilities.  We offer a warm, safe, environment where your child will thrive.


Older toddlers are encouraged to develop social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills while participating in a small group setting that begins to foster a love of learning.


Your naturally curious pre-school age child is now ready for daily activities and play that focuses on Reading Readiness, Math, Art, Computer Skills, Science and Dramatic Play.

Full Day Kindergarten

Our goal is to not only prepare children for First grade, but give them a competitive edge.  This is accomplished with our learning to play, playing to learn philosophy that balances learning with academics.

Concierge Services

The Wharf

Playtime That Makes Learning Fun

At the heart of Beacon Academy lies the physical manifestation of our core philosophy. The Wharf is an interactive learning zone which embodies the concept of Learning to Play & Playing to Learn.

Our students have the opportunity to explore and play in an imaginative environment on a daily basis. From the Wharf Grocery Store to Cooper’s Bait & Tackle and the Fire Station to the Doctor’s Office, The Wharf is a place where imaginations soar. The Wharf is an experience which inspires growth through interactive play and learning.