from Infants to K-5

Full and Part-Time Programs


Our goal is to not only prepare children for first grade but to give them a competitive edge. This is accomplished with our learning to play, playing to learn philosophy that balances open-ended learning with structured academics. A low student-to-teacher ratio, as well as the advantage of full-day learning, allows for in-depth student development of concepts.

Kindergarten Curriculum


Beginning to Read, Write, and Listen is a comprehensive reading – language arts program. This reading – language arts program contains and correlates reading, handwriting, auditory, and oral language skills. It is also a multi-sensory program of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory activities.


In Beginning to Read, Write, and Listen, each letter of the alphabet is presented in a 16-page letter book with multisensory activities that focus on one letter each week. Handwriting, auditory training, oral language and linguistic skills are the major language skill areas that are stressed in each letter book. Your child learns to write the letter, identify the sound, and blend the sound with other known letter sounds to form words. Once you child can blend sounds to form words the magic begins — and your child becomes a reader!

Concierge Services